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Author Topic: Further Proof That Gamestop Is Killing The Game Industry  (Read 4007 times)
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« on: August 11, 2010, 10:13:22 PM »


And it's not just because it personally drives me nuts every time I go there, I have to deal with stupid looks and questions every time I buy a game that has animu on the cover.

Gamestop is one of things that I seriously just wish would go away. I have absolutely no problem with one primary retail outlet for video games, but they do pretty much everything wrong/to get under one's skin. Nice to know that they somewhat contributed to Xseed biting the dust, metaphorically speaking.

Again, it's one of the only businesses in which I see the sales folk go out of their way to prevent folks to buy what they want, and even annoying customers to such a degree that they leave the store, vowing never to come again (at least that one), and the employee responsible is not only not fired on the spot but is usually the manager.

But then again, like others have stated, I just have bad luck with the place.
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